Storage selection from Standalone to Atlas cloud

Hi Guys

We are planning to move from standalone mongodb instance to Atlas cloud. As part of Migrating existing local data on to cloud , Im kind of stuck on deciding how much storage should be subscribed for my existing data plus additional storage for future.

Below is the db.stats() output from standalone node.

“db” : “migrationdump”,
“collections” : 38,
“views” : 0,
“objects” : 671469,
“avgObjSize” : 8370.277510949873,
“dataSize” : 5620381870,
“storageSize” : 846135296,
“numExtents” : 0,
“indexes” : 60,
“indexSize” : 29302784,
“fsUsedSize” : 39560773632,
“fsTotalSize” : 49359622144,
“ok” : 1

From the above stats what value I should be referring to while finalising the required storage in Atlas. Is it dataSize or storageSize… or combination other stats also ??

Hello @Dilip_D ,

Choosing the Storage size and cluster tier depends on you application throughput, below are some docs that might help you in choosing the respective Atlas cluster tier and storage size.

Ultimately the amount of storage you need depends on how much you’re expecting your data to grow in the future.

Note: You can configure the cluster tier ranges that Atlas uses to automatically scale your cluster tier, storage capacity, or both in response to cluster usage.

Cluster auto-scaling removes the need to write scripts or use consulting services to make scaling decisions. To help control costs, you can specify a range of maximum and minimum cluster sizes that your cluster can automatically scale to.

Auto-scaling works on a rolling basis, meaning the process doesn’t incur any downtime.


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