Some clients reporting "cannot find app using Client App ID"

This happens to me right now for some reason.

Some clients report that they got this error:

2021-05-21T18:27:20.131Z	c792ac33-3292-44c3-a1e7-b0dd21aaca00	ERROR	{
  message: "cannot find app using Client App ID 'timeless-is-***'",
  code: -1

But, other clients can access our app with no problems.

Here’s the code that we use:

  const realmApp = new Realm.App({ 'id': 'timeless-is-***' })
  const user = await realmApp.logIn(Realm.Credentials.anonymous())
  const db = user.mongoClient('mongodb-atlas').db('timeless-is')


  • Node: 12.10
  • Realm: realm@10.4.1

No idea how can I fix this :slight_smile:

Hello Nikita,

Welcome to the MongoDB Realm forums! I would love to help you with this, I just have a few clarifying questions.

  1. Is this for iOS or Android, or both?
  2. Have you tried verifying the app ID and restarting sync yet?

Thank you,


Also note:
Moya kirillitsa ne samaya luchshaya

Tem ne meneye, ya ne protiv pomoch’ vam lyubym sposobom, kotoryy vam budet proshche vsego.

Hello Nikita,

Other question for follow up, are you able to gain access to realm console via ?

Thank you,


I’m having the same issue where it says
cannot find app using Client App ID

i created another app to check and replace that id still same issue.

I also used url authentication<my-app-id>/auth/providers/local-userpass/login.
but still the same result.

Hey guys, I’m facing the same issue, and haven’t found any solution on the internet. @Safik_Momin @111522 Did any of you found a solution?

I have same problem too. Any one have a solution?