Realm seems down? My app is not able to connect, cannot login to web console

Hi there.

Since at least Fri Jan 15 5:30 UTC, my app is having troubles connecting to the Realm backend.

My app is a javascript webapp, and right now the following request is returning 404.

Error response

{"error":"cannot find app using Client App ID 'savory-backend-ailsq'"}

I am not able to access Realm web console either. I am able to login at but when I try to switch to the Realm tab, it just redirects back to Atlas.

From the chrome network tab, it looks like some Auth error. This url appears in the network trace and is returning 401.


{"error":"error getting root API entity: IP address is not allowed to access this resource.","error_code":"AuthError"}

This is not my IP address. A nslookup seems to indicate it as an AWS address.

$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:	name =

Authoritative answers can be found from:	nameserver =	nameserver =	nameserver =	nameserver =	nameserver =

The status page is green:

Can anyone help?


Looks like the problem is specific to my region? I am not able to access from India, but I am able to access it over a US VPN.

Can confirm that I’m having this same issue.

Can’t login to my Realm apps without a US VPN

I got a confirmation from support that this is a known issue. They are looking into it.

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Thanks @Akshay_Kumar!

Looks like it’s resolved now.

For such incidents, having a status update on the status page would be really good.

Hi @Akshay_Kumar and @Tanuj_Wadhi,

The fastest way to get support for urgent MongoDB Cloud service issues (including Atlas & Realm) is to contact the support team directly by logging into your account. The support team can investigate your cluster logs, collect additional information, and correlate patterns of reported problems so an incident report can be created.

Once this issue was confirmed, a public incident report was created and updated on the MongoDB Cloud Status site.


It seems like the status page was updated too late.

Support confirmed to me that there is an ongoing issue as early as 6:30am UTC but the timestamp on the incident page says that it started at 8:15am UTC.