Sink Parent and Child Kafka Topics into Single Collection

Hi All,

May be this a redundant question, we are planning to replicate RDBMS data into MongoDB, just want to check the design options that are possible to replicate data successfully with a minimal effort into document Model


Order { …,OrderDetails[{}]}


  1. Have independent collections for Order and Order Detail, and perform a join through lookup and present the data, if requested

  2. Have independent Staging Collections (for a parent and child queue), upon data arriving on the Parent and/or Child Document build the final document and upsert through Mongo data event to the actual Order-Detail collection

  3. Merge two topics using Kafka Stream and send the merged topic to a kafka connector

Please let me know, which of the options should be chosen, pro & cons if possible, If there is a better solution, please guide me to the right approach

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Thanks for your response Robert, we are planning to migrate the data from Db2 z/OS. We not only want to load the data to Mongo, but also we want to keep the data in sync with legacy Db through Change Data Capture. My apologizes, I did not state that clearly earlier

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