Shivam_Modi1 is looking for a project!

Experience Outline

Worked as a Full-stack developer in some free lance work. Developed and published apps on playstore.

Coding skills

Flutter, NodeJs, ReactJS, NextJs, C++, and python. Data Structure and Algorithms

Hacking Hours

According to Indian Standard Time


Hi @Shivam_Modi1 ,

Welcome to the MongoDB community.

You seem to have great experience developing front-ends and mobile apps.

I’ve an idea where I’ve started creating back-end for the same and if you’re interested, Please feel free to jump in to get things rolling on Mobile / front-end side.


This is great @Shivam_Modi1 and @viraj_thakrar

If you do come together, don’t forget to post your project in the Project Teams category

Very much looking forward to seeing what you will build