Set up a MongoDB Server doesn't work. First steps

First of all this community was already super helpful. Thanks for that! It’s Amazing.

But I’m really struggling with the basics. In order to get started with MongoDB after downloading and installing it, what do I need to do? My project reference is based on this article about NFT analysis: Data mining Meebits NFTs using Python and OpenSea API // Adil Moujahid // Data Analytics and more (2. 1.1. MongoDB Set up)

It says:
"If you don’t have MongoDB installed, go to Download MongoDB Community Server | MongoDB, and download the version that works with your operating system. Next from a terminal, go to the MongoDB folder and create a folder where Mongo will store data.

sudo mkdir -p ./data/


But this sudo mkdir -p./data/ does not work at all. I get an error (it says the command must be written wrong or couldn’t be found) and nothing happens.

I tried different terminals. I really assume I’m missing a fundamental step here or even many steps. Has someone an Idea what the problem could be?

ManyMany thanks. Looking forward to any type of help or article that can get me startet with this.

sudo is a Unix command.Please share a screenshot of the exact error you are getting
You did not specify your os type
When you run mongod command without cfg file or without dbpath from command line by default it looks for /data/db dir That’s why install doc suggests to create this default dirpath dir
You can give any other dir provided mongod can write to that location