(request "MISSING_ATTRIBUTE") The required attribute eventTypeName was not specified

When I try to update:
atlas alerts settings update --projectId --notificationType MICROSOFT_TEAMS
I get the following error:
400 (request “MISSING_ATTRIBUTE”) The required attribute eventTypeName was not specified.
But when I try to add this:
Error: unknown flag: --microsoftTeamsWebhookURL

Thanks for raising this one @Sandro_Silva1,

This has recently been added to version 1.9.1 of the atlascli. Please check out the 1.9.1 change logs for more details regarding the ability to configure microsoft teams alerts via the atlascli.

Of course you’ll need to update atlascli to 1.9.1 first and then test out the options. Let me know if you require further assistance with configuring the microsoft teams alert.


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