Replicate local mongodb to a cloud instance

I have a mongodb instance with a database and collection running on my Windows server. If I wanted to have some sort of continuous replication of the data to a cloud hosted instance (either Azure or Atlas) of mongodb, where should I start in the docs?

Hi @Adam_Cook

Check out:

While reading the limitations of mongosync, it seems serverless or shared clusters are not supported in Atlas - this is a shame.

Another option is to start a node in the cloud and add that to the replica set as a hidden member.

Oh I see.

I don’t currently have a cluster now, literally just installed mongodb on my server to use while I’m developing locally. So I guess I would create a cluster, where my local one is the primary, and maybe use a cloud node as a secondary node to the cluster. I think I also need some kind of witness or something, because I won’t have three nodes, right?

You can set up a single node replicaSet, and when you add the cloud node set it up as a hidden member.

Primary would always be your local server.