Replicate Indexes from one cluster to anoter inn mongo Atlas


I would like to know if there is a solution to replicate indexes from on cluster to another without erasing data ?

I have 2 clusters: production and staging, in 2 different project.
The 2 db inside each cluster have the same schema.

There is multiple indexes in the staging db that I would like to replicate into the production db without erasing any data in the collections (so no restore I think)

Is it Possible ?
Can it be automated ?

We use MongoDB Atlas Serverless for the 2 clusters
We use nodejs 16 mongodb driver v4.12.1

While I do not have specific details to give, I am confident that you will find what you wish in

An alternative way will be with a simple JS script that looks like:

staging = MongoClient( ... )
production = MongoClient( ... )

for db_to_replicate in all databases to replicate indexes
    db = staging.db( db_to_replicate )
    for collection_to_replicate in all collections of db
        collection = db.collection( collection_to_replicate )
        for index in collection.listIndexes()
            production.db( db_to_replicate ).collection( collection_to_replicate ).createIndex( index )

Thank you very much ! I will look into it