Read and Write operation for huge data(1.4 million records)

we are looking help from Mongo DB team to asses the couple of issues are occurring in mongo data base if we have huge records persisted in DB, any one from mongo team help and what is procedure to connect mongo team


Hi @Basayya_Kulkarni,

If you are looking for commercial support options, consulting services, or private support please see Get Started with MongoDB Support or Contact our Sales team. MongoDB commercial support is staffed by a 24x7 team of engineers.

If you are open to discussing your issue in a public community forum, you can start a new discussion in the relevant category here in the MongoDB Community Forums. Responses will be from other community members including the MongoDB team, however there is no SLA or guarantee of a timely response.

You can help reduce some of the community response latency by providing as much detail as possible around your issue: MongoDB server version, deployment type (standalone, replica set, or sharded cluster), and relevant metrics or behaviour of concern.


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