`push failed: invalid app diff request` when node_modules is in functions folder

I maintain a local git-tracked version of my atlas app services app using App Configuration Files. I’ve been using the mongodb-realm-cli for years to push my changes to my atlas app services app, but the package has since become deprecated. So I decided it was time to transition to using the the new atlas-app-services-cli.

However, I’ve found an issue with the new CLI that wasn’t present with the old one.

In the functions folder of my project, I have a package.json file to maintain my dependencies, as described in Atlas Documentation - External Dependencies. This does seem to work fine when pushing changes with the new CLI. However, if I install the node packages from the package.json on my local machine (and thus it creates a node_modules folder within the functions folder of my configuration files), then when I try to push my changes, it presents the error:

push failed: invalid app diff request.

This is very annoying, since it means I have to delete my node_modules folder every time I want to push my changes. Is this a bug with the CLI? Is there a way around this that doesn’t involve needing to delete my node_modules folder?

Hi Elias,

Thanks for bringing this up, we checked and were able to confirm that this is a bug with the new CLI so we’ll be working on a fix shortly. For now, if it’s possible to create the node_modules folder somewhere else that’s not within the /functions folder path of your app directory, that would be the main workaround outside of deleting the folder completely.

Hi Christine,

Thanks for looking into this issue so quickly and confirming that it is in fact a bug. I think I’ll wait for the fix to be released and then transition to the new CLI at that point.

Is there somewhere I should watch so I can know when the fix is released?


We don’t have an external tracking tool that you could watch but I’ve made a note that this thread should be updated when we’ve made the fix, so you could get a notification here!

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That works great too, I’ll stay subscribed to this thread. Thanks!