Production collection is completely gone

Hello, my Orders collection is completely gone from mongoDB. I am not able to see it anymore. Tried refreshing, reconnecting, but nothing works. How could it disappear? I’ve got production orders in there and there is no backup. Is there a way to retrieve it?


Hey @Suren_Margaryan,

I’m assuming you have your database cluster hosted on MongoDB Atlas and in such case please contact the Atlas support team via the in-app chat to investigate any operational issues related to your Atlas account. You can additionally raise a support case if you have a support subscription. The community forums are for public discussion and we cannot help with service or such inquiries.

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Thanks @Kushagra_Kesav_X

No I understand that. I created a support case and they tell me because you are a free tier user we don’t track anything and we don’t keep any backups.

How can this be normal? just because my volume is not big enough, but it’s still a real production app, how could a whole collection disappear and they have absolutely zero info about it?

Hi @Suren_Margaryan,
From the documentation: