Possible to have Google CloudRun servives to access MongoDB without whitelist?

I am in the process of migrating from Cloudrun to GKE Autopilot. In this process I was getting some connection errors to mongodb. Initially this looked like a whitelisting issue, but when I looked at all the whitelisted addresses in address I could not find any of them when searching our project in google cloud. Is there a special connection exclusive to google-cloud/aws/etc… that allows CloudRun instances to access mongodb without any whitelisting?

I doubt it. Are you sure the Newtork Access Allowed IPs are not a CIDR range covering a netblock?

Yes I even searched with first one or two octets for cidr range entries and couldn’t find any results.

It looks like like the search results were misleading. After further investigation the Cloudrun address did match with address in whitelist.

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One option would be to configure VPC peering between CloudRun and MongoDB. Google docs, MongoDB docs Otherwise, if you’re using IP allow lists to connect then a whitelist is required. If you continue having trouble connecting, I would recommend reaching out to our Support team via the Chat icon in the Atlas UI.

Hope this helps