Parse Server documentation incomplete

I’ve been trying to set up a Parse Server using MongoDB in Azure, using the documentation here:

However, the images are incorrect. Specifically, in the instructions, step 1.2 it tells me to create subnets with address ranges “as below” but the image has no address ranges. Instead, it shows an image that makes more sense in the overview. In step 1.3, it says to create two Network Security Groups and configure them according to the images, but them shows the same image twice, leaving me guessing as to the second NSG.

In both cases, the vital information is only in the missing images, and not in the text of the documentation (which is an accessibility and search issue as well, but not the point here). Without the images, there’s no way to know how to complete the setup.

Does anyone either know the missing configuration information or how to update the documentation?

Hi @Morgan_Busch,

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Thank you for raising this one. We have a page update for this coming soon which hopefully should remove the confusion. However, in saying so, the article is quite old and references Ubuntu 14.04 & MongoDB version 3.0.9 which has reached EOL - Would you be able to advise your use case / scenario regarding the page?



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Hi @Morgan_Busch,

The page has now been updated. Please let us know if you encounter any issues with the instructions or images.

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