Open question: Rails vs Atlas?

Having discovered Atlas via Realm, I’m wondering if it could completely replace the Rails + Postgres app that is my current product site. I see it can handle web hooks for payments, and a lot of other stuff too…

Alternatively, I could migrate all my data to MongoDB and have it all under one roof, keeping the Rails app.

Currently I have a custom authentication function making an API call to my server to connect Atlas Device Sync users with users in the Postgres database.

Curious about other peoples experiences in this area.

Hey @Adam_Wilson, great to hear you’re looking into modernizing your current Rails/Postgres solution.

MongoDB works seamlessly with Rails via the Mongoid ODM, which offers API parity with ActiveRecord wherever possible - greatly simplifying these types of migration efforts. Furthermore we also have a Relational Migrator that can help get data from Postgres into MongoDB with ease.

Note that application-level changes still require planning, but we’re working on enablement material to lower the barrier to entry for these types of migration projects.

Keeping the Rails app would require refining your models and reviewing your data access layer to see if you’re using any SQL directly (ex: Arel.sql or Base.connection.execute).

If the application in question is purely an API controller, Atlas features such as Atlas Functions or the Atlas Data API may be sufficient to replace the Rails application entirely.

Feel free to shoot me a message if you’d like to discuss further.