New: Backup your Atlas snapshots to additional regions

We’re excited to announce the release of a new backup feature in MongoDB Atlas, snapshot distribution. Snapshot distribution allows you to easily copy your backup snapshots across multiple geographic regions within your primary cloud provider with just the click of a button.

You can configure how snapshots are distributed directly within your backup policy and Atlas will automatically copy them to other regions as selected - no manual process necessary.

While it may not always be required to store additional snapshot copies in varying places, this can be extremely useful in several situations, such as:

  • For organizations who have a compliance requirement to store backups in different geographical locations from their primary place of operation
  • For organizations operating multi-region clusters looking for faster direct-attach restores for the entire cluster

If you fall into either of these categories, snapshot distribution may be a valuable feature addition to your current backup policy - allowing you to automate prior manual processes and free up development time to focus on innovation.

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How to I terraform Atlas to run snapshot backup to another region in additional to the local (default) region ?

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Hi @Alex_Leong . As of the Terraform MongoDB Atlas Provider v.1.8.0 you can add snapshot distribution in your cloud backup schedules.

You can find an example with further details here in the documentation.

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Thank you Evin. The terraform documentations solves my terraform issue.

Can you please show me the Atlas CLI command to set multi-region ? The documentation does not provide any examples.


Not a problem Alex. The CLI release in early December 2023 added support for the Backup Compliance Policy. You can see the release notes here that will take you to more info on how to utilize this through the CLI

Thank you Evin. I just downloaded the latest Atlas CLI version 1.14.2. What I was looking for is the syntax for adding additional region to my backup , basically this portion

```Preformatted text`
“copySettings”: [
“cloudProvider”: “AWS”,
“frequencies”: [
“regionName”: “US_EAST_1”,
“replicationSpecId”: “64b0988c5f63a1252f366ad1”,
“shouldCopyOplogs”: false

The documentation atlas backups schedule update
does not describe how to set it.

Can you please help ?

Thank you