MUG Toronto: March 26 Meetup

Toronto March 26 Meetup

The Toronto MongoDB User Group is hosting its next meetup.

Make sure you join the Toronto Group to introduce yourself and stay abreast with future meetups and discussions.


RSVPs are now full as limited seats are available. We hope to see you next time!

:exclamation: With MongoDB.local Toronto a few weeks after the event, we will be awarding some free passes at the event. You could also register right now with coupon code Community50 to get 50% off.


Time Topic
6:00 PM Doors Open, Supper and Networking
6:30 PM Session 1 - Unpacking the Generative AI Ecosystem
7:15 PM Lightning Sessions / How are you using MongoDB
7:30 PM Q&A, Networking

We’d love to hear from the community at this event. Are you doing something cool with MongoDB you’d like to share? We’ve got some 10 minute lightning talk slots - let us know in this thread or message MUG leaders @chris or @Grace_Gong

Sessions will be presented in English


Event Type: In-Person
Location: Microsoft Canadian Headquarters, 81 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5J 0E7


@chris I was one of the winners for the MongoDB local Toronto event. I happened to check my email for an event confirmation and haven’t been able to find one. I recall us going over the registration together post-event and my email was in the list, can you or someone in the know reach out to me? Thx.

Hi @Travis_Bennett,

The event itself has come and gone. I’ll ask @Veronica_Cooley-Perry to look into what happened with your code. It might be a few days before you hear back.

Hi Travis - I’m sorry to hear we missed you at the .local yesterday! The code was shared with winners via email on March 27th. I’ll send you a DM with the email address I sent it to.