Mongosync - from ords enabled 23c beta database fails

Running Mongosync connecting to Oracle 23c DB via ords mongo enabled service.

contents of mongosync.conf

cluster0: 'mongodb://user:pass@G0983AA4E9DD141-<redacted>$external&ssl=true&retryWrites=false&loadBalanced=true&tls=true'
cluster1: 'mongodb+srv://usert:pass@da<redeacted>'

./mongosync --config mongosync.conf

with mongosh connects perfectly, but when using mongosync returns the following error using version 1.7.1 on ol8 linux machine.

could not restore resume data from destination collection mongosync_reserved_for_internal_use.resumeData: error getting bootstrap data from resume data doc for mongosync with id 'coordinator' in destination collection
mongosync_reserved_for_internal_use.resumeData: Database connection unavailable. Ensure that the user exists and the schema is enabled for use with Oracle REST Data Services. 
A schema can be enabled by calling the PL/SQL procedure ORDS.ENABLE_SCHEMA. ","message":"Mongosync errored while starting.

Hi @Stephen_Hazlehurst and welcome to MongoDB community forums!!

Based on the information provided, it appears that you are encountering challenges related to syncing an Oracle database with MongoDB. If your intention is to synchronize data between two MongoDB clusters, the recommended approach is to use mongosync. This technique is specifically designed for syncing data within MongoDB clusters.

However, if you are looking to migrate data from Oracle to MongoDB, the ideal tool for this task is the Relational Migrator. This tool streamlines the process of moving data from relational databases, such as Oracle, to MongoDB.

Feel free to reach out if you have any additional concerns or questions. We’re here to assist you!

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Hi, not looking to migrate simply sync from oracle DB to a third party mongo DB, with as near real time as possible.

Hi @Stephen_Hazlehurst

Thank you for getting back.
Unfortunately there is no direct way to sync data between the two databases other than the two provided above. But you can make use of some third party tools available to do so.
A few example would be

  1. How to Move Data From Oracle DB to MongoDB Destination in Minutes | Airbyte

Since these tools are not from MongoDB and do not have expertise for the same, we do not guarantee for the authenticity and the correctness of the application.

The recommendation would be to look for the public forums like StackOver Flow and their own public forums to get better assistance.