MongoDB $weeklyUpdate #28 (July 6, 2021): Latest MongoDB Tutorials, Events, Podcasts, & Streams!

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Here, you’ll find the latest developer tutorials, upcoming official MongoDB events, and get a heads up on our latest Twitch streams and podcast, curated by Adrienne Tacke.


Are you ready for MONGODB.LIVE?

Join us for this completely free, fully virtual, and largest MongoDB event of the year! We have 2 days packed with shorter, but just as informative, sessions from MongoDB experts, the Atlas Challenge, some friendly competition during the event (with prizes!), a kickass Keynote, and so much more!

There’s still time to register today. Can’t wait to see you there!

:mortar_board: Freshest Tutorials on DevHub

Want to find the latest MongoDB tutorials and articles created for developers, by developers? Look no further than our DevHub!

Adding Realm as a dependency to an iOS Framework

Diego Freniche

In this post, we’ll review how we can add RealmSwift as a dependency to our libraries using two different methods: Xcode assistants and the Swift Package Manager.

Realm Meetup - Easy Realm JWT Authentication with CosyncJWT

Shane McAllister

Didn’t get a chance to attend the Easy Realm JWT Authentication with CosyncJWT Meetup? Don’t worry, we recorded the session!

:date: Official MongoDB Events

Attend an official MongoDB event near you (virtual for now)! Chat with MongoDB experts, learn something new, meet other developers, and win some swag!

July 7 (3:30 pm GMT | Global) - Stop! Don’t Make These Schema Design Mistakes in MongoDB

July 22 (10:30 am GMT | Global) - Android Realm Code Jam Session with Kotlin

July 23 (11:00 am GMT | Nairobi, Kenya) - MongoDB Community Mini Workshop in Kisumu

July 29 (11:00 am in GMT | Nairobi, Kenya) - MongoDB Community Mini Workshop in Eldoret

:tv: MongoDB on Twitch

We stream tech tutorials, live coding, and talk to members of our community every Friday. Sometimes, we even stream twice a week! Be sure to follow us on Twitch to be notified of every stream!

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July 8 - Learning with Luce (A new series!)

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:studio_microphone: Last Word on the MongoDB Podcast

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Ep. 62 - Introduction to Modern Databases for Educators with Julianna Chen and Eoin Brazil

Ep. 61 - Realm Mobile .NET SDK with Nikola Irinchev

Ep. 60 - Securing MongoDB Using Authorization and Authentication with Matt Javaly

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