MongoDB University feedback

About the changes to MongoDB University… Thank you very much!
Sometimes I have “issues” with the time I can dedicate to the courses (work-related), so being able to advance at my own pace will help a lot.
And yes, we will have to be more disciplined now, for not trying to finish everything the last two days!
Thank you for the opportunity for learning.
PS. What about creating a forum for MongoDB University? :smile:

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Thanks… I meant here too.


Hi @DavidSol - work is in progress to make exactly that change. Some back end things need to happen first to make it a smooth transition. We’ll keep you posted when we’re closer to go-live there!

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Excellent! Thank you very much

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Hi @Jamie,

can you please convert “you posted” to an public announcement?

I guess there are plenty people who like to know about that change :slight_smile:


If anyone is wondering what these recent changes are, please see Updates to MongoDB University: March, 2020.



I will definitely post an announcement when I have more details to share. Thanks @Michael!