MongoDB Rest Connector

I am asking if there are some REST interfaces that Mongo DB exposes to integrate whatever platform with this protocol ? From what i see the REST interface to Mongo DB is not available.
I am working on Pegasystems so i am asking if using REST Is possible to integrate with MONGO to perform Crud operations ?
I saw that is possible to import a jar file into a Java app then connect but this way is too intrusive. I wanted a way to easy integrate with this database.
Thank you.

Eliseo Olla

Hi @Eliseo_Olla welcome to the community!

No there is no natively built REST interface in MongoDB.

If your needs are specific, you can build your own REST interface using e.g. Node + Express. See The Modern Application Stack – Part 3: Building a REST API Using Express.js for an in-depth write up.

Other than that, you may be able to use something like Restheart that provides a generic REST interface to a MongoDB database.

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