MongoDB ops manager privilege escalation

I am having an issue deploying OpsManager to AKS. As a policy we do not allow privilege escalation containers in our clusters.

Privilege container is not allowed: mongodb-enterprise-init-appdb

It was my understanding that ‘allowPrivilegeEscalation’ was set to false for all images?

Hello @Sean_O_Reilly ,

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MongoDB Ops Manager is part of Enterprise Advanced, which is a product requiring a subscription to use.

I would advise you to bring this up with the Enterprise Advanced Support | MongoDB as typically these issues will require detailed knowledge into your deployment infrastructure. Alternatively, if you’re evaluating Ops Manager and would like more insight, please DM me and I should be able to connect you to the right team.


Thanks Tarun.

We are currently evaluating Ops Manager using the kubernetes operator. I have the operator deployed successfully, but on trying to deploy Ops Manager, I am getting the privilege escalation error mentioned. We do not allow privilege escalation in any of our clusters.