MongoDB open source for large scale app

Hi there, I would like to know if MongoDB open-source version can handle large-scale apps where there are hundreds of thousands of reads and writes. Currently, we are using PostgreSQL as our database but we are looking for a document-oriented database so, we are considering MongoDB.
Lately, we faced some issues that couldn’t be solved in our backend because of a huge increase in users so we are rewriting our backend with different technologies and MongoDB is among them, however, we only considering the open-source version of MongoDB because we have a lot of users up to 150K active user regularly read and write mostly read and we can’t afford the enterprise version.
In two years we are planning to launch a paid service and then we will be able to afford the enterprise version but for now, we want to stick with the open source version, so my question is:
Can MongoDB open-source version handle 150K active users? Our main concern is performance and latency.

Hi @Amir_Osman

It’s been a while since you posted this. Have you reached a conclusion yet?

In terms of capabilities, there’s not much difference between Community edition & Enterprise edition; they both use the same WiredTiger storage engine, and both are capable to be used as a main database in large applications (when properly done). The main difference is that the Enterprise edition contains more “Enterprise”-needs features such as auditing, Kerberos, encrypted storage engine, and others. See MongoDB Enterprise Advanced for more information.

In terms of “can it handle a lot of users”, there are many success stories that you might want to peruse.

Alternatively you can also use Atlas to have the ops side of things managed for you. Notably, Atlas uses MongoDB Enterprise edition.

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