MongoDB ODBC configuration for Atlas

I am trying to connect Power BI to Mongo DB Atlas

I have installed the MongoDB ODBC driver and BI Connector but still am getting error while connecting

I tried the following blogs for instructions but they are no help

I am getting the following errors, please suggest how to resolve this

This is the message i am getting in the BI connector

Hi Manish - Based on the docs you shared, I am assuming this is Atlas BI Connector that you are using? The error seems to indicate that maybe the ODBC Driver or DSN isn’t setup properly (possibly).
Did you download the latest ODBC Driver, v1.4.3?
Then in the Windows your DSN configuration should look similar to this:

Also, did you * Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015?

And lastly, did you make sure that the IP address was whitelisted within Atlas?

Hope this helps!