MongoDB for Windows 8

As I understand it, the latest version of Mongo cannot be used for Windows 8 ?

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Your understanding is correct. MongoDB 4.2 was the last version of MongoDB server to support Windows 8. The MongoDB Production Notes includes an overview of platform support associated with server release series.

The installation guide for the version of MongoDB you are planning to install will also have relevant information.

For example: MongoDB 5.0 Platform Support on Windows.


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When I tried install , received message :
What it means?

I understand that if I have Windows 8, I should not install MongoDB.

Hi @111668,

Since MongoDB 4.2 is the last server release series to support Windows 8, you should select the most recent 4.2 version from the MongoDB Download Centre:


Microsoft ended support for Windows 8 on January 12, 2016 so this O/S is no longer receiving any security or maintenance updates.

If you want to try a version of MongoDB server newer than 4.2, other options to consider given you are still using Windows 8 are:

  • run MongoDB server on a supported O/S inside a Docker container
  • install MongoDB in a hosted VM or VPS
  • use a managed service like MongoDB Atlas