MongoDB Enterprise storage engines

MongoDb Enterprise for having the storage engine WiredTiger and In-Memory Storage Engine or only In-Memory Storage Engine?

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MongoDB Enterprise includes the default WiredTiger storage engine as well an In-Memory Storage Engine and Encrypted Storage Engine. The In-Memory and Encrypted storage engines are both based on WiredTiger, so share some common configuration options, metrics, and behaviours.

The In-Memory Storage Engine supports a niche set of use cases where all data and indexes can be kept in memory without persisting to disk – this avoids disk I/O for more predictable latency of database operations, but limits the size of your working set to an in-memory cache. The Encrypted Storage Engine natively encrypts data files at rest, so all data files are fully encrypted from a filesystem perspective and data only exists in an unencrypted state in memory and during transmission.

Storage engine configuration is per mongod, but typically all members of a deployment should use the same storage engine configuration with the exception of some In-Memory deployments which may need data persistence.

More generally, MongoDB Enterprise includes the same features as MongoDB Community edition with added operational features for enterprise requirements including advanced security (Kerberos & LDAP), auditing, and additional storage engines. See: Upgrade MongoDB Community to MongoDB Enterprise. For production usage MongoDB Enterprise requires an Enterprise Advanced subscription which includes commercial support, operational tooling (Cloud/Ops Manager and Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes), access to on-demand training, and access to other tools like the MongoDB Connector for BI.