MongoDB Cluster creation taking too long

I am trying to create the Cluster0 in a new free tier MongoDB project. It’s been over 30 minutes and still showing “your cluster is being created”. Also, I terminated a cluster to delete one of my old projects, and there also its showing “we are deploying your changes” for a long time.

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This issue sounds very much unexpected and I’m sorry to see nobody has responded here sooner. Did it eventually work?

im currently having this problem as well. Tried creating a cluster and it says its on step 3 of 3 and then im also trying to delete and its just stuck in the process of deleting. been about 40 minutes now.

Seems to be a current problem, i created a cluster about 30 min ago still stucked…

I’m experiencing the same problem too, it has been stuck for almost 30 min

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They litrally are showing us that we are free users! we are no value to them

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Yes there are issues.

Keep up to date:

I’ve asked for this thread to be closed. A chain of ‘me too’ replies on a post from 2022 isn’t really useful to anybody.

Hi All,

Closing this thread as the original post is from 2022 which is unrelated to the issues occurring now that are noted on the MongoDB Cloud Status page.

Continue monitoring the MongoDB Cloud Status page for further updates and contact the Atlas in-app chat support if you’re still having issues after the issues are marked as resolved on the cloud status page.

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