MongoDB Charts on Atlas: February 2020 update

Hi, Charts fans! We’re excited to announce that the February release of Charts on Atlas is now live, and includes two big new features:

  • Dashboard Filtering . You can now apply dashboard-level filters in Charts to quickly change the context of an entire dashboard and get actionable insights faster.
  • Embedding SDK (Beta). Charts now supports embedding using a Javascript SDK, allowing you to programmatically create and interact with your charts in your own application.

You can try these features by activating Charts in any MongoDB Atlas project. If you have any questions, feel free to post here, or use the MongoDB Feedback Engine to submit feature requests.

Happy Charting!
Tom Hollander
MongoDB Charts Product Manager


That is great, is there an API, so our users can create chart via our UI?

Hi Kay, not yet - the SDK is limited to embedding and interacting with charts that were already created with the Charts UI. A full API for creating and modifying charts is something we are considering in the future.


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Do you have timeline? I need to know, before investing too much time on Charts instead of other Chart/BI tool. Thank you.

It’s probably about a year away.

Is it available for regular Charts (not Atlas based)? Can’t find dashboard filter option.

Hi @Dmitriy_Serebryanski. For now these new features are only available in the Atlas version.

@tomhollander I never used Atlas version of the Charts, I have been heavily using stand alone, though.

What other features the non-atlas one is missing? Is there a comparison table somewhere?