What about an announcement category?

Hello all,
I’d love to see a read only announcement category, which can be set to be “tracked” so that all the latest news is no more missed. E.g. a launch of MongoDB Podcasts as mentioned from @Michael_Lynn here:


@Michael Announcements are part of the About the Community section which includes subcategories such as:

MongoDB Podcasts isn’t live yet, but I expect the launch news would be shared as a Community Announcement.

You can set notification preferences for a category by clicking on the :bell: at the top right of a category page:



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Thanks for the update, I understood “Community Announcement” in a different way:

Community platform announcements and other relevant information from the MongoDB Community team.

Good to know that this category is meant to be the place, thanks a lot.

@Michael Categories and descriptions will evolve with the site content, but it is a bit difficult to see what some categories might include without more real posts.

In this case “other relevant information” is open to interpretation but my take is that new resources like MongoDB Podcasts would be very relevant :slight_smile:.



Fair point - I’ll take another stab at the description to make it more inclusive of these types of announcements, as I’d expect them to appear there (in the Community Announcements category) as well.

Hi there,

the Feb 20 update of MongoDB Charts is posted in the MongoDB Cloud Category that makes sense. Hello Tom @tomhollander, I love to use Charts!
However, if someone wants to get only an info of the latest news of MDB activities (as in announcements), you would need to “track” many categories if they are posted in “their” categories, I assume that this will lead soon to an overflow of the “new counter”.
This actually was the reason why I raised the question, to trigger a brainstorming to find the use case(s).

One option could be:
a cross link from an announcement category to the individual posts in their individual categories
an other option might be:
to tag the announcements and to track/watch tags.

Just some thoughts, it would be great if readers can like this brainstorming to raise attention, or (better) comment which use case work out or further options to avoid cross posting and still get the wanted information.


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@Michael This announcement is for the February MongoDB Charts on Atlas release, so I moved it to Product & Driver Announcements.

We do want to make it easy for someone to subscribe to announcements of interest. For example, charts announcements would be: https://www.mongodb.com/community/forums/tags/c/community/release-notes/35/charts.


Hello @Stennie

Thanks a lot, this is what I have in mind.

Just, hope I have not missed anything, when I want to get notified I can subscribe for a category e.g. “Product & Driver Announcements” or a tag e.g “atlas”. This will result in quite a bit of notifications. It would be great to be able to

  • combine the notification of categories AND tags or
  • to have an extra announcement tag and the option to combine tags for notification with AND currently you can select multiple tags but theses are individual selects per tag.

Thanks a lot for looking into it