MongoDB Atlas Okta Integration Login Error

Hi there!
I configured SSO Federated Authentication from Okta regarding these instructions: Okta MongoDB

I tried to log in and got this URL MongoDB Cloud - Error
And error message: “Login Error”

Where could I get more details or descriptions about this error? What happened?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @Maksym_Mykytyn :wave:

If you’re unable to log in anymore I’d contact the Atlas in-app chat support regarding this one. They have further insight into your Atlas project so they might be able to provide some pointers.


Hi @Jason_Tran
Thank you for your reply and help!

Now I can log in with the Bypass SAML URL.
But in-app support can’t help me with any Federation Management.

I got SAML Response, decoded it from base64, and read XML. In XML all fields are correct.
Maybe you know another way to see what precisely an error is during signing into Atlas from Okta?

I get the same error when I invite new users to Mongodb Atlas.
SAML integration is configured with our google workspace.
Existing accounts can login:

  • Invite someone to Mongodb Atlas
  • They click the invite link: get the Okta error
  • The go to the signin screen and enter their e-mail: get the Okta error

There doesn’t seem to be a way for them to sign in via SSO.

I’m experiencing the same scenario. Has anyone found the solution for this?

Have you tried unticking “Signed response” in your IdP configuration?

In my case I hadn’t configured the attribute mapping for firstName and lastName.
It seems that MongoDB needs this information and if the mapping isn’t created SAML login will crash with okta/hooks/acserror.

A better error message would’ve been great.