Mongodb atlas cloud backup pricing breakdown querstion

I am trying to understand the breakdown of pricing for mongodb atlas cloud backups. It is confusing,. Can anyone shed some light on the below please,

In the pricing I see the following what do these mean?

Atlas Backup Snapshot Export Download VM M50 - server hours
Atlas Backup Snapshot Export Restore Storage - GB Hours
Atlas Backup Snapshot Export Upload - AWS S3
Atlas Cloud Backup Storage - AWS - GB Days
Atlas Continuous Cloud Backup Storage - GB Days

Hi @Raj_V - Welcome to the community.

Please contact the Atlas support team via the in-app chat to investigate any operational and billing issues related to your Atlas account. You can additionally raise a support case if you have a support subscription. The community forums are for public discussion and we cannot help with service or account / billing enquiries.

Some examples of when to contact the Atlas support team:

  • Deployment of cluster changes being stalled
  • Payment of invoices failing

The Atlas support team should be able to provide more details into the billing lines you provided.

Best Regards,