MongoDB Atlas CLI 1.15 Updates

The MongoDB Atlas CLI is the fastest way to create and manage an Atlas database, automate ongoing operations, and scale your deployment for the full application development lifecycle. You can programmatically manage clusters, automate user creation, control network access, and much more.

Since the announcement of the Atlas CLI at MongoDB World, we’ve continued to add new capabilities to the Atlas CLI. You can now upgrade from shared to dedicated clusters and access advanced cluster and project settings from the command line. You can also modify settings, jobs, and schedules for backing up to Amazon S3 buckets. Previously available via Homebrew, Apt, and Yum, the Atlas CLI is also now downloadable through the Chocolatey package manager for Windows.

Download the Atlas CLI today with brew install mongodb-atlas in Homebrew or via one of the other installation options. For more information on Atlas CLI releases you can review the full changelog.


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