MongoDB Atlas Charts Calculated Field

Hi, I am completely new to MongoDB and Atlas and I am trying to test out this software to see the extent of its usability.

For a start, I have 4 collections. The first one is the master list of all the things I am selling, the second is the forecast in 2023, the third is the forecast in 2024 and the last is the current inventory level.

Collection 1: Items, Lead time to produce
Collection 2: Items, 2023 Forecast
Collection 3: Items, 2024 Forecast
Collection 4: Items, Current Inventory

I used the master list as the base and used lookup field for the forecast and displayed it as a table on the MongoDB Atlas Charts. I want to highlight the items with the following conditions:

  1. If lead time exceed 1 year, current inventory > 2023 + 2024 forecast, highlight in green
  2. If lead time is less than 1 year, current inventory > 2023, highlight in green.
  3. All others highlight in red.

Are there any way of doing this? I tried creating a calculated field in charts but for some reason, I am not able to write the conditions and when I tried summing 2 columns, it shows as 1 instead of the total sum.