MongoDB 3.6 and 4.4 ARM64 builds


I’m looking to download the MongoDB 3.6 and 4.4 ARM64 builds packaged in a tgz.

But such packages is not available for download at

Do you have any plans to provide them?

Moreover, I’m evaluating having MongoDB 3.6 and 4.4 ARM64 as an RPM dependency for my application.

Again, looking at your yum repo at, you only provide RPMs for x64 architectures.

What is the status of Centos7/8 ARM64 support, and do you plan to provide RPMs for the ARM64 architecture?

Thanks you very much!

hi Evan,
Thanks for the questions!

We have Ubuntu ARM64 builds on the Current releases & packages page and we are planning to provide releases for RHEL 8 ARM64 builds in MongoDB 4.4.

I’m not aware of plans to provide RHEL 7 ARM64 support in MongoDB 4.4, or for RHEL 7/8 ARM64 support in MongoDB 3.6.

I hope this answers your questions.



hi Evan,
just to follow up. We’ve released MongoDB 4.4.4 today, and this has support for both Centos 8 ARM 64 and Amazon Linux 2 ARM 64 architectures. I hope this will help with your evaluation.

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