Mongo DB version for Intel® Celeron® J4105 Processor

What could be the MongoDB version that can run in Intel® Celeron® J4105 Processor

I think you’re capped to 4.4 with the prebuilt binarires available. If you’d like to run 5.0+ you would have to compile your own binaries, this is not a light undertaking.

Platform Requirements specify the minimum cpu generations, specifically AVX CPU feature is required for 5.0 and above.

Your CPU is of the Gemini Lake generation which does not have this feature.

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As @chris noted, your processor is unfortunately lower spec’d than the minimum microarchitecture required for MongoDB 5.0 and newer binary release packages.

Compiling from source is definitely a bit of an undertaking.

If you want to use newer versions of MongoDB server, an alternative approach would be to use a hosted service like MongoDB Atlas (there’s a free tier with 512MB of storage) or to install MongoDB in your own cloud or local environment with a supported O/S and CPU version.