Mongo DB Collections are gone

Hi, My Collections are not appearing in the dashboard, they were working fine when i first connected them using local host. After a few days i get an email saying mongo db will suspend the connection if not connected to a cluster, The point is, i was conencted to a cluster from a local host. And now, looking at it, all the data is gone. is there a particular reason why this has happened?

Where is your mongodb hosted?
How did you connect before like connect string etc
When you say dashboard are you referring to Atlas?
Can you show screenshots from when it was working/showing collections

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Hi @YARABABUGARI_JAVEED - Welcome to the community :wave:

In addition to the information requested by Ramachandra, could you provide the content of the email received? Please redact any personal or sensitive information before sending it here.

Since you advised it was an email that was sent from MongoDB, I assumed that this particular instance is hosted on Atlas but please correct me if i’m wrong here. It would also be useful to know the cluster tier if the deployment in question is hosted on Atlas. So please provide this information as well.

In saying so, the automatic pause of clusters is generally related to M0 (free tier) clusters on Atlas. In that case, I would like to note the following:

Atlas automatically stops collecting monitoring information for an M0 cluster after a few days of inactivity.
If there is no activity for 60 days, then Atlas automatically pauses the cluster completely, disallowing any connections to it until you resume the cluster. Atlas sends an email seven days before pausing the cluster. Atlas sends another email after pausing the cluster.
You can resume or terminate an automatically paused cluster at any time. You can’t initiate a pause for M0 clusters.

If you have multiple cluster(s), project(s) or organisation(s) - I would also recommend checking each to confirm the data does not exist elsewhere.


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