"Mongo command not found" command lin

I brew installed Mongo version 6.0 and can run " brew services restart mongodb-community@6.0" fine in the terminal. However, when I type “mongo” it shows me “command not found”. Here’s the output when I type in “mongod" when I didn’t put in anything in the command line. But even if I do “mongod --config /usr/local/etc/mongod.conf” where my desired configuration file is, it still doesn’t launch the mongo shell. Any help will be appreciated!

I am able to run mongosh though. How different have people found mongosh and mongo to be? I’m following an outdated tutorial on mongo and wonder if I should stick to mongo

Older mongo shell is deprecated
You can continue using latest shell mongosh

I see, thanks! Can I launch it by “mongod”? I’ve seen some people do that this month still, or is that also not recommended? I saw mongosh supports a subset of mongo’s commands, so I don’t want to miss out on some commands

mongod is used to start mongod daemon
Once it is up you can connect using mongo or mongosh depending on the shell you have installed.I suggest you go with latest shell
If you still want to use older shell i think you can install it(just shell only) on separate path and use both

You are not going to miss out on much functionality using mongosh as the team has the commonly used commands implemented. There are some things that are still missing, but I wouldn’t worry about those.

If you want to use mongo still for whatever reason, you can get a download a copy of the 5.0.x archive. Once you uncompress the archive you should see mongo in the bin directory. Note that by doing this, you could be missing out on functionality that the mongosh tool has added.

Sounds good, I’ll just use mongosh then

Thanks for your response! I’ll go ahead and just use mongosh