MERN Stack Tutorial -

Been following this How to Use MERN Stack: A Complete Guide. I have configured all the files as mentioned. Both react and node apps run. But when I create a record, data does not seem to pass to the db. Because when I use the Records List page, no records are being shown, even after I created multiple records using Create page. I created the Atlas account and configured a cluster there. When I check the Atlas cluster, I don’t see any database created either, let alone records.

Also, I should note that, the github repo’s code is somewhat different to the code given in the Tutorial page.

Hi @Sandun_Akalanka,

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Do you see any errors in your browser developer tools or in the backend server terminal?

Make sure your atlas connection doesn’t throw any errors and you can connect to it from a mongo shell using the placed connection string in your config.env

We need to update the tutorial with some better error handling the git repo is updated with it. So I suggest you to pull latest copy.


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