Map component import, requirements, and VSCode

(Reference to this forum: Inputting MondoDB Databases into VScode )
I’m wondering if I can import the database into VSCode without MongoDB Atlas installed since I’m kind of worried that it could slow my hardware down (Using a Windows 10 atm)
Using VSCode’s Mongo databases, is it even possible?
(I’ve also checked YT, not much resources are helping)

Thanks for any advice!

VSCode has plugins for access the data in MongoDB, but it is just a frontend similar to MongoDB Compass, Studio3T or even the plain mongosh shell.

MongoDB Atlas is a DBaaS and is not installable on your system. This service hosts your MongoDB databases in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about managing them on your own.

To import data into MongoDB, you could use mongoimport to import data in JSON, CSV or TSV formatted plain text files, or mongorestore to restore BSON based database files that were created by mongodump. You could also write applications in your favorite language to bulk load data if you wanted to.

There is a lecture in the M001: MongoDB Basics in Chapter 2 that goes over the MongoDB based import and export tools. I would highly recommend this course if you haven’t taken it yet. Also read through the documentation linked above.

I think that some of this is covered in your linked post, but let us know if you have more questions.

So would I have to get some kind of operating system like macOS in order to set this data up?

Nope, the MongoDB tools run on all operating systems. You just need to run the mongoimport or mongorestore command from a terminal window/command prompt/powershell window. If those tools didn’t get placed on your system when you installed MongoDB, you can download them separately.

Got it, thank you so much!

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