Inputting MondoDB Databases into VScode

I want to try to import these two sources into MongoDB for VSCode, but I don’t know how to import them, which folder to import them to, and how to connect them to the HTML source codes.

The sources in question:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You have to download the json file to some directory and then use mongoimport to load the data
Please refer to mongo documentation for exact syntax/options for mongoimport

So this also applies to VSCode?
Sorry, I’m just new to using MongoDB in VSCode in general-

Yes applies to VSCode too
I don’t use VSCode but what i understand is it can be used as IDE with Mongodb
You have to use inbuilt tools to load the data
From view->command palette you can access mongodb playground or mongo shell
For inserting few records you can use mongodb playground but for more data like your json files you have to use mongoimport
May be others with VSCode knowledge can help more on this

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Ah, got it! Thanks for the tips + help!

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