M0 not spinning up

Hi, I’m having a similar issue now - after selecting a M0 cluster, regardless of which provider or which location, nothing happens after clicking on Create - the button becomes disabled and that’s it. It kept happening all day today. This pops up in the console after clicking the Create button:

Any tips, please?

Hi @Tomas_Cap,

Can you try with a different browser or in incognito / private mode? If already done so, please contact the Atlas in-app chat support team and provide them with details such as:

  1. Project name you’re attempting to create the cluster within
  2. Region and cloud provider you’re attempting to create the cluster with


Thank you @Jason_Tran. It seems that there is an issue when accessing the MongoDB Atlas web UI from a Ubuntu 22.04 system (tried with both Firefox and Chrome, including incognito windows) - when signing in or creating a cluster, the captcha window does not open as it should and the UI remains stuck waiting for the captcha response. On a Windows machine, everything works OK.



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Awesome - thanks for providing those details @Tomas_Cap :slight_smile:

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