M0 Atlas free tier wont spin up

I am unable to spin up a Cluster with MongoDB Atlas.
No matter what region/provider I choose it always ends up in this error message:

Deploying your changes failed; we will try again shortly.

Anything I can do besides waiting?

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Hi @Matthias_Tietz - welcome to MongoDB!

Our sincere apologies for your troubles deploying an M0 cluster. We are currently experiencing an issue with an upstream provider and are working with them to resolve it. As soon as it is resolved, your request to create a cluster will be processed by the system.

You can always check on platform status here: https://status.cloud.mongodb.com/ and reach out to the Support team for help with specific issues.

Again, welcome and sorry for the troubles on day 1!

Jesse Krasnostein
Lead Product Manager, Cloud

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No worries. I could somehow circumvent this error by “moving” my cluster to an asia region.