Little mistakes in 6-rules-of-thumb-for-mongodb-schema-design-part-3

In this article: 6 Rules of Thumb for MongoDB Schema Design: Part 3 | MongoDB Blog
2^8 (1024) should be replaced by 2^8 (256) and 3000 should be replaced by 750 (or any number lte to 768).

In addition, in the second and third article there are sentences like this:

Also note that if you denormalize a field, you lose the ability to perform atomic and isolated updates on that field

This is not fully correct because you can perform atomic operations in these cases by using transactions. (there is no mention of transactions in any of the 3 articles).


Hi @Rafael_Green,

Thank you for the feedback, I will raise an internal issue with the errata.

Note: this blog series was originally written in 2014, which is about 4 years before we added multi-document transaction support in MongoDB 4.0. There are newer references like Building with Patterns and A Summary of Schema Design Anti-Patterns and How to Spot Them, but I expect you are already familiar with those.

As an aside: if you’re curious about historical release highlights, check out MongoDB Evolved – Version History.


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