Licensing when it comes to develop commercial applications

HI, we are a software service company and are planning to develop an accelerator that will be shared with customers. This tool will collect data from automation tool and store that data in MongoDB. Do we need to use an enterprise edition or it is okay to have a community edition. Do i need to contact for more clarification.

Hey @mahantesh_yalakki

Here are the FAQs to the SSPL.

However, Atlas will allow you to use MongoDB without the need to worry about the SSPL.

The enterprise license is expensive (IMO as a startup). Which is why I went with Atlas. M10 cost me around $60 a month.

When I contacted MongoDB for more info about the community license use, this was the answer I got. At first I did not like paying so much for the DB; however the whole infrastructure is run by MongoDB and now I have one less worry every month. And I can focus on the application now.

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If your commercial application is just storing data in MongoDB, your customers can use either server edition. The SSPL license has important requirements if you are modifying server code or running MongoDB as a service, but does not otherwise impose usage restrictions.

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced includes extra security, management, and enterprise tools as well as commercial support, but requires a commercial subscription. As @Natac13 mentioned, you could also consider using MongoDB Atlas for a managed database service running on MongoDB Enterprise.

You may also want to find out more information about the MongoDB Partner Program. There are different types of partnerships (Technology, System Integrator, Reseller, and OEM) as well as levels of participation with associated benefits.


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Hello @Stennie,
Regarding your response referring to Enterprise Advanced it sounds like the main advantage to EA is increased security, some tools and support. That implies that, as far as storage limitations, database structure, etc., that there is little difference between the community server and EA. The reason I am asking such question is volunteer work I am involved in with a non-profit organization. All admin, dba, and developer work is supplied by volunteers. One concern is the “growability” of MongoDb community version. However, from what I have read there seems to be no advantage of EA in this area, and that there is no such limit other than possibly the size of each document, and then the storage and memory of the server. I believe community is a good option for an extremely budget challenged project. Have I missed anything in my research regarding community?

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Your assessment is correct: the Community Edition does not impose any limits on data volume or development features, and you can scale and grow your deployment using standard features like replication and sharding.

If your non-profit organisation has limited resources, I would strongly consider using a managed service like MongoDB Atlas. Atlas includes security best practices and makes it easy to monitor, backup, and scale a deployment without having a dedicated DBA or extensive experience. There are also some Atlas features like temporary users that might be helpful for giving volunteers access for a limited period of time.

You also have the option of a self-managed deployment, but would have to factor in the time and availability of your volunteers for monitoring, securing, and maintaining the deployment.


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