Can we use mongo community edition for free of cost in production environment

We are building node.js application with mongo db community edition. Can we able to use mongodb community edition for free of cost in Production environment. Will there be any licensing issues.

  • MongoDB Community is the source available and free to use edition of MongoDB.
  • MongoDB Enterprise is available as part of the MongoDB Enterprise Advanced subscription and includes comprehensive support for your MongoDB deployment. MongoDB Enterprise also adds enterprise-focused features such as LDAP and Kerberos support, on-disk encryption, and auditing.

Yes it is free to use.

Consider MongoDB Atlas if you don’t want to manage mongodb yourself.

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The MongoDB Community Server is licensed under the Server Side Public License (SSPL) . As @chris mentioned, the Community Server is freely available and there are also paid options including MongoDB Enterprise (for self-hosted) and MongoDB Atlas (cloud managed).

There is a usage caveat on the SSPL which applies to publicly offering MongoDB as a service. For more information, please see the Server Side Public License FAQ .

There’s also a similar discussion from earlier in the year which you may find helpful: Licensing when it comes to develop commercial applications.


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