Latest Stable Version of Mongodb on-premise

Hi to Everyone,
As you know there are three good releases of MongoDB versions for “on-premise” which are 4.2,4.4 and 5.0. And also we can consider these version minor releases too.

what is the stable version of MongoDB right now?
Are there any recommendations?

Thank you very much,
Serhat Yarat

If you’re talking about Community Edition, just go to and follow the install instructions for your platform. They usually point to the latest version.

Hi @serhat_yarat,

As @Jack_Woehr suggested, the latest production release of MongoDB server will be the default recommended in the documentation and in the MongoDB Download Centre.

The most recent production release series is currently 5.0, so the latest 5.0.x release (currently 5.0.6) would be recommendable for a new deployment. MongoDB 4.2 and 4.4 are previous major releases series that are still actively maintained with minor releases (eg 4.2.x) that only contain bug fixes and stability improvements. Minor server releases do not introduce any backward-breaking compatibility changes or have any significant upgrade steps beyond installing new server binaries, so you should generally remain current with minor release updates.

Starting with MongoDB 5.0, server releases will be using a new versioning scheme per Accelerating Delivery with a New Quarterly Release Cycle, Starting with MongoDB 5.0 | MongoDB Blog. The next major production release series of MongoDB will be 6.0 later this year.