Issue with Lesson2 Lab: Creating and Deploying an atlas cluster

Getting Started with MongoDB Atlas

On clicking the Atlas Registration tab to log in to the MongoDB Atlas webpage, I do not see any place/option to paste the verification code. I see standard page to create the Atlas account. I created a new account from this page also but my submission fails. Please suggest how I can complete this assignment.

Check this link

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Hi Vikram and welcome to the forums! Are you trying to use your Atlas promo code or are you trying to complete a lab? If you’re trying to find where you can apply your Atlas promo code, you can find instructions for applying your code here.

If you are having issues with completing the lab portion of your course, I recommend you reach out to with your issue. For quicker resolution of the issue, try to provide the name of the lesson and the name of the lab you’re experiencing issues with.

Hope this answers your question!