Is there no place to simply download specific versions of Java drivers?

I see the github for Mongo Java drivers. We’re trying to upgrade for next semester, as we prefer not to be too many releases behind. Is there no place to simply download built jar files?

Welcome to the MongoDB Community @David_Patric !

Per the Java driver documentation, you can download prebuilt artifacts using Maven or Gradle:

If you are using Maven, add the following to your pom.xml dependencies list:


If you are using Gradle, add the following to your build.gradle dependencies list:

dependencies {
   implementation 'org.mongodb:mongodb-driver-sync:4.5.1'

Once you configure your dependencies, ensure they are available to your project which may require running your dependency manager and refreshing the project in your IDE.

You can also browse available artifacts and dependencies via Maven Repository (org.mongodb):


Thank you - the Maven Respository fit my need. This class is more of a survey, so we don’t get into Maven or Gradle (that’s for later development courses). Appreciate the answer!