Is it possible to sync data between an offline RealmDB with an AWS DB? If so, how would that work?

Hello everyone,

Please don’t bash me for this but, is it possible to sync data between a local device realm and an Amazon Dynamo DB database. I am working on my first major project that is starting as my senior project and planning on ending it as an official product and I don’t know much about databases. I need a fast and reliable local database to keep relevant information for offline situations but need it to be able to efficiently upload any changes when online. If there is a way to sync a realm with a dynamo DB database in a clean and concise fashion, please let me know.

Also… If this post is not configured with the correct tags, please net me know. In that case, it is not me purposefully trying todo that but rather me not knowing where and what since this is my first day and first posting.

Welcome to the MongoDB Community @Matt_Clark1 !

Currently the only supported sync solution for Realm is Atlas Device Sync, which integrate with MongoDB Atlas including Atlas App Services like authentication providers, serverless functions, and triggers.

Atlas has a free tier providing 512MB of storage and App Services free tier thresholds.

As a student you can get some additional resources (including Atlas credits) by signing up for MongoDB for Students which is part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack.


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