Invitation to participate in the Private Preview program of Online Archive on Azure

To all Atlas Online Archive users,

We are extending an invitation to participate in the Private Preview program of Online Archive on Azure in July 2023. If you are interested, you can respond to this thread or contact me ( directly for further questions. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about this new feature of Online Archive we are planning to release :

What is Online Archive on Azure? What is new about this feature?

  • Soon, Online Archive will be released on Azure where the storage service will reside on Azure for any clusters where the cloud provider is Azure. Previously, the default cloud provider for Online Archive was AWS and even if a cluster was on Azure, while creating an Online Archive, the storage will default to AWS. With this change, all archival data for Azure cluster will continue to remain within Azure ecosystem. From a feature perspective, existing functionalities will remain with the exception of “Private Link” for Azure for Online Archive, which is not supported as of today.

If I participate in the Private Preview Program will there be changes to my existing archives?

  • No, existing archives will not change based on participating in this program.

  • During Private Preview phase : Only new archives that are created in the “Private Preview enabled projects” will utilize Azure as the storage service, while existing archives and newly created archives in other projects will continue to use AWS as the storage service

  • After GA : When the feature becomes GA, all newly created archives in any project will utilize Azure as the archive if the cluster is on Azure

Are there any plans for Online Archive on GCP ?

  • Yes, we have plans to release OA on GCP sometime during 2024. Till then, for clusters on GCP, Online Archive will be defaulted to AWS as the storage service

Are there any additional costs associated with the Private Preview Program?

  • No. The standard archival pricing applies.

What are the timelines for this feature?

  • Private Preview: July 2023
  • GA Timelines: To be decided based on customers feedback and usage.

Are there any constraints or prerequisites for the Private Preview Program?

  • We will enable Private Preview for OA on DLS in your non-production environment. We do not recommend a production environment as the Private Preview phase can have bug fixes/ improvements. We will support throughout the Private Preview phase and will provide fixes/resolutions for any issues. Hence, we recommend testing in your DEV or QA environments. After finishing the testing, please delete the archives that were created for testing purposes.

How can you participate in the Private Preview Program?

  • Please respond to this thread or contact me ( via email to participate in the program. We would need a link to your project to turn on Private Preview. Once turned on, all newly created archives in your designated project will incorporate the benefits of the new feature.

I do not have any existing Online Archives (or not an existing user) but would like to know more. Can I still participate in the Private Preview Program ?


We are excited to announce that we have launched the General Availability of Atlas on Azure. This expansion to Azure ensures that data tiering is not only efficient but also integrated, keeping archival data within the Azure ecosystem. This integration addresses the previous limitation of defaulting to AWS for storage, even for Azure-hosted clusters. Read more here!